Best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for HER

roses, valentine's day ideas giftOn such romantic day, no matter if your partner is indeed the romantic type or not, you, her lover, partner, spouse or whatever (!) should treat her on Valentine’s Day like she is the most romantic girl in the world.  And no matter if you were brought up or not with a good father model of how you treat women on special occasions, now it’s time to try your best to be a tender, romantic, thoughtful, generous lover or husband on this day. I’m not saying  you should  necessary go the extra mile for her (though it would be nice if you do), just do something really romantic for her, no matter how little the surprise might be. Every woman likes when a guy does sweet things for her.


 So, what are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her?


1.   Always, but always, a trip to Venice or Paris on Valentine’s Day is a very good idea.

Paris – because is well-known as the City of Love for centuries. A romantic walk along the Seine River, or in the Tuileries Gardens, or on the famous “love-locking” bridges in Paris will be unforgettable. But even more exciting is a journey to the Island of the Temple of Love, also referred to as the Temple Romantique, located on an island in the middle of a lake in the Bois de Vincennes, which happens to be he largest public park in Paris. 

In Venice, this time of the year, takes place the most popular masked carnival of Italy, Carnevale di Venezia, an awesome combination of  traditionculture and entertainment, with its typical masked regattas, the Best Masked Costume Contest and countless iconic parades. A trip to Venice for Valentine’s Day would be the most inspired idea, trust me. 


2.   A romantic dinner in one of the best restaurant in your city or at the first restaurant you first had dinner (or lunch) together. Even more romantic, invite her to your place and cook a romantic dinner for her. A well-done steak with a bottle of 2015 Carnivor California Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine 750mL, along with your best amorous look would do miracles for the rest of the evening.


3.  A thoughtful Valentine Gift Set:

  •  Gift Bag
  • Tissue Paper
  • Red Rose
  • “I Love You” Mini Bear
  • 2 Valentine Mugs
  • 1 Large of Hershey Red Kiss


She will definitely love all of these little things.



4.  Last, but not least, a nice bouquet of red roses. There cannot be a Valentine’s Day without roses for your sweetheart. If you know she really hates roses, then you may offer her favorite flowers (assuming that you know what they are).


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  1. Who wouldn’t love a trip to Paris or Venice! Hope my boyfriend gets the hint and gets me something amazing like that!