Houston, you’ve got a problem!

Houston, you got a problem!

source: new.azwater.gov

I’m afraid of wild animals. I’m terrified when I hear about people who got killed and eaten by them this very century sometime even in civilized cities, not only in the wilderness. The simple existence of ferocious animals keeps me from jumping into trips in wild nature, though I’d love the feeling of being one with it. That’s why I travel mostly in places where I can feel safe from such dangers. For instant, I would choose Houston as my travel destination thinking there is no way to be attacked by carnivore animals there. That until I heard that the recent hurricane Harvey which “visited” the Texas coast in the United States, hitting particularly Houston these days brought some strange gifts to its citizen: alligators, snakes, lizards and fire ants (like it was not enough it brought itself!)  Big alligators walking free on the streets and in the gardens of residential homes. That is absolutely scaring. Houston, you got a problem!



The bites of fire ants can be mortal for people who are allergic to their venom because even a single sting can produce symptoms of anaphylaxis in a few minutes. Snakes bites could also produce victims since six species of the snakes that invaded Houston are venomous: three species of rattlesnakes, the Texas coral snake, the southern copperhead and the western cottonmouth – according to patch.com.

I would have never seen coming such a tragic situation in a modern city of one of the most civilized countries in the world.  I wonder how is that possible that the city was not protected somehow from events like this. I mean why they didn’t build a huge dam so no hurricane would be able to get it off? Or an effective drainage system? They must have known for centuries the city is in the way of furious hurricanes, right?!

And Houston is not just another US city but the fourth largest city with about  2.4 million people. I can’t believe that nobody there, not even one politician stood out for a better protection of the city when confronting to natural disasters.

I must confess I have never witnessed a hurricane, just mild storms in the summer time, so I don’t really have a vivid picture of how powerful might be. Yes, I’m looking at the pictures and some of the videos, but is not the same thing as to actually be there.

However, if I lived in a country where hurricanes happen, I would have left the city the first hours, I wouldn’t have stayed to see what happens.People need to have some savings for special situations like these.

People need to have some savings for special situations like these in order to survive until they can return to their houses, jobs, and lives. I wonder how much it will take to repair all the damaged buildings and infrastructure, to pick up all the alligators and snakes that walk freely among or through houses.



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  1. OMG, I would die. No way I could stay around there, I would be too terrified to even breathe, I guess. Coming across crocodiles and snakes and what else. Right now Florida is getting prepared , if you can prepare for nature disasters at all. What a tragedy that all is, how many people are losing all, their homes , their belongings, their lives. Awful

  2. This is such a tragedy for people in Huston and such a shame that politicians never stood by them. Our world suffers from all the natural disasters that would have been avoided if we were smart enough to take care of our planet in advance.

  3. My heart is broken at all the images and stories I’m seeing around the internet. It’s absolutely devastating, I feel so so so lucky to live in a country where next-to-none natural disasters happen. What a nasty natural world we live in.
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  4. My heart is absolutely broken reading about everything that happened in Houston and now when Irma is running through the Caribbean. I hope Katia & Jose will stay as a stage one hurricanes.

  5. Natural disasters are so awful and I often wonder if there really is anything humans can actually do to properly prepare for them? Even when many of the locations where hurricanes hit often have preparations and plans in place, they can only do so much.

    Having outside wildlife invade is also really scary!

    I live in southwestern Ontario and we don’t really see much of anything bad here. No big natural disasters, and no deadly animals, not really anyway.

  6. This is pretty nuts Perla. I recall seeing similar stuff happening in Bangkok when they had floods a few years back. I was in Phuket at the time but followed Thai news; crocs and cobras all over the place as monsoon driven floods surged through Bangkok and surrounding suburbs.

    • That was really really scary! I imagine it’s hard to find all the cobras in the city as they hide in places hard to reach.