My life is…(what Google says about my life)

From time to time I like to wander on the net just to have fun, reading a little here, a little there, relaxing my mind after an intellectually busy day. On a night I could not sleep, I was searching on the net what are the Google results about “where are ..”, you can read the answers here:

Where are…?

 Now I’m curious to see what Google says about my life. So the query was “My life is” and here are the results in the first pages (you may read my answers in the parenthesis):


My life is …


My life is a Lifetime Movie (I knew it, I knew it! Looking urgently for the best actress to interpret me)

My life is a joke ...(says The New Yorker. I don’t believe that at all, nope, nope)

My life is a dream (tempting….but whose dream?)

My life is a weapon (lol, that is new and…interesting! Watch out you all of my enemies)

My life is a telenovela (ouch…I’m not that dramatic though…)

My life is an open book (not quite so, I like to keep some things very private)

All my life is poetry (still have to find out a poet to put it into the right and inspired verses)

My life is your life (and …who are you?)

My life is out of whack (I wouldn’t say that)

MY LIFE IS IN GOD’S HANDS (you got that right!)

My life is worth exploring (true, and I’d like to give you a helping hand if interested, especially in the deep parts 🙂

My life is potato (excuse me???)

My life is full of religion and education (that’s true also)

My life is a party  (I wish it were) 

My life is complete (not yet, still waiting for that miraculous day)

My life is in storage  (at this time, not at all)

My life is a succession of people saying goodbye (well, not quite, although there are some people I really wish to say good-bye to them for good). 

My life as a foreign country (sounds interesting…what country?)

My life is thine, Lord Jesus  (that is true, also)

My life is yours  (actually my life is just my life, you got yours too and should be enough)

My life is over (ouch…I hope not)

My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun  (I don’t like guns)

My life as a zucchini   (???…I thought you said… potato?) 

My life is available to you  (hmm…give me few days to think about)

My Life is Dope and I Do Dope Shit Finished Cross Stitch (can somebody explain to me what means that please?

My Life in the Supermax  (Supermax prison? – if you think of marriage as a prison, yes)

My Life Is Good  (not all the days, when it rains it actually sucks). 

My life is a nightmare (oh….right now, no, but it was for a while) 

My Life is My Message – Healing and Transformation (I could agree with that, maybe I should plan to be)

My Life is Amazing  (it depends on the time you ask me; after a fine-dining, a shopping session, a good %^**# and a travel adventure – I will say it is) 

my life is a comedy (probably written by a writer lacking the sense of humor)

My life is in my hands  (I already told you is in God’s hands)

“My Life is Back on Track Thanks to Children’s Bureau”  (?? I wish I was a child again)

My Life Is Transformed   (like every other day) 

My life is being ruined (well, I hope NOT) 


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  1. Nothing wrong with a good lifetime movie as long as you survive it LOL. This is a fun thing to do on google, you have me laughing over here. Thanks for sharing

  2. It’s so funny seeing what google brings up for you! You should check it again in 6 months or so and see if your general search preferences have changed what it suggests!

    Emma x

  3. Hahaha, this post was absolutely hilarious! And it also made me try myself… Well I got: My life is … a lie, brilliant, complete and ruined. I don’t what to think 😀 Is my life a brilliant, complete lie and at the same time ruined?