Sunday free associations # 9. Hot summer!

With so many things that happened lately, I did not have time or disposition to write on this blog, although some of them were really worth mentioning. Like for instant my 5 days trip to Sighisoara, the town where Vlad the Impaler (or Dracula as he is known to the world) was born and lived his first 4 years (yes, I’ve visited his room) – for the Medieval Festival (I’ll write about that as soon as I finish sorting the photos). 

Sighisoara, Romania, hot summer

Walking on the streets of Sighisoara

I’m thinking more and more to relocate to the United Kingdom. I’ve made a lot of research about jobs, life and renting a studio in different cities in the UK (Leeds, Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Plymouth, Norwich etc.) and feel like I have plenty of information to start my own Immobiliare or recruitment agency.


On the track with healthy eating habits


Other than that, I finally got the right motivation to start a healthy diet (vegetables&fruits) and I can say that I already feel so good getting rid of all junk, fat and heavy food. Only in Sighisoara I made an exception and ate some meat and cheese, but that does not count, hey, I was on vacation, right?!

My daily menu includes two bowls of mixed salads a day (tomatoes, green paper, cucumber, red pepper,green onion, parsley, dill, seeds, zucchini, cabbage, olives, boiled corn on cobs) and one fruit or two. And plain water. And water with lemon and honey. And apple juice. 


I’ve got enough of this hot summer!


This incredible hot summer does not make any good to me, for sure. Can you believe the last three days I stayed almost all the time in the house with air conditioning? It’s so so so hot outside. At 8 p.m. when I get out to buy some food and drinks is still overwhelming hot. And think about how much I waited for the summer to come in order to walk, jog and exercise more! Thinking I might develop a summer depression. Got to get out of the house quickly. 

But I heard on the news that some other countries are confronted too with these dog-days too. They must be right about the global warming thing.




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  1. Your new diet sounds so healthy and refreshing! I recently started an anti-inflammatory diet and it has already done wonders for my energy levels. I can totally relate to it being so hot outside that you don’t want to leave the AC! It’s 90 degrees currently in FL. Eek!

  2. I have never heard of having summer depression before. I certainly have heard about having winter depression and not wanting to go anywhere then. This one is totally new. Good luck with your summer goals.

  3. Years ago i wanted to move to United Kingdom also and lately i have started thinking of moving finally. I need to find a job though, but as a European citizen will be easier for me, not so much documents needed. This summer was really really hot, still in Greece we reach 35-40 degrees.

  4. Cannot wait on the blog post about Dracula’s room! I love these old, mysterious places. I want to live there!

  5. Great to know you’ve been able to keep yourself on the healthy eating track! I am sure you must have noticed a lot of difference in your energy level after removing the junk from your diet! 🙂

  6. I would love to visit this place! About the hot days, I’m an Italian leaving in Australia and this is the worst part of the year: seeing photos on FB of people on the beach while here it’s so cold!

  7. Seems you had fun this summer. The weather has been really warm and nice however, I personally do not think it has anything to do with GW. Besides weather in the UK can actually drive you insane. Well done on your eating healthy eating as well and make sure you stick to it. Cheers

  8. I’d love to live in the UK! Dream of mine. It’s so hot here too … I’m so ready for fall… I need cooler temps and breezes and the ability to be outside for more than 5 minutes without feeling like I am going to pass out.

  9. This would be so fun and interesting to visit this place! I am enjoying your travels. I too am on a quest to be better health wise!

  10. Meat & cheese definitely don’t count when you are on holiday ?, either do calories well that’s what I tell myself anyway ?. If you do move over here to the UK then you won’t be bothered with the heat so much as although there is the occasional hot day it is usually followed by a wet & windy one.

  11. Oooh you visited his room! Tbh, I’ve always been way too interested about Vlad the Impaler & that would have been one dream come true for me haha 😀

  12. I struggled a lot when it comes to diets and eating healthy so I must say I really admire you. At least I started drinking a lot of water. Oh, and visiting Dracula’s home must have been nice experience.